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This site is updated as we receive information from the telemedicine and e-health community. The objectives of TEIS are to bring together those working in the field of telemedicine, telecare and ehealth; to encourage them to share information and experience; and to provide an information resource on telemedicine activity in the UK. The Telemedicine and E-health Information Service is run by the University of Portsmouth. We also operate an email discussion list.

Telemedicine and E–health Information Service

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Telecare Knowledge Network

TEIS, in conjunction with SEHTA, has set up a new Telecare Knowledge Network. Visit our site for more information, including our bulletin boards.

Status of TEIS

The University of Portsmouth no longer receives financial support for the maintenance of TEIS. Neverthless, we continue to enter/amend information notified to us on a best efforts basis.

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Provided by the UK e-health Association and the Telemedicine Information Exchange (see also animation, right)

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